Discover The Axis 700 Utv: Your Ultimate Off-Road Companion!

Off-road enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a vehicle that can handle the toughest terrains without compromising on performance. The Axis 700 UTV is a rugged and reliable option that has been gaining popularity among off-road enthusiasts.

With its HISUN-manufactured engine, selectable four-wheel drive, and a range of standard accessories, this UTV is the ultimate off-road companion. The Axis 700 UTV is exclusively sold through Lowe’s, making it easily accessible for those in search of a powerful off-road vehicle.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the Axis 700 UTV, including owner reviews, performance specs, and potential problems to watch out for. We will explore the product description, performance, and price and availability of this UTV.

Whether you’re a seasoned off-road driver or a beginner, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision about the Axis 700 UTV. So, let’s dive in and discover why this UTV is your ultimate off-road companion!

Key Takeaways

  • The Axis 700 UTV is a rugged and stylish vehicle with selectable four-wheel drive and a HISUN-manufactured 686cc engine.
  • It has a fully automatic CVT transmission, 26-inch tires, four hydraulic disc brakes, and double wishbone independent suspension in all four corners.
  • The UTV has a ground clearance of 11 inches, a weight capacity of 350 lbs in the cargo bed, and comes with standard accessories such as a hard top roof, plastic half doors, and windshield.
  • While some owners have reported issues with assembly and design flaws, the Axis 700 is generally praised for its performance and value as a utility vehicle at a lower price point.

Product Description

The product description of the Axis 700 UTV showcases its impressive design features and customer satisfaction.

The UTV boasts a rugged yet stylish design, making it an attractive option for off-road enthusiasts. Additionally, it is equipped with a HISUN-manufactured 686cc engine, which has a maximum power output of around 27 horsepower, and a fully automatic CVT transmission. These features allow for a smooth and powerful ride on any terrain.

The Axis 700 UTV also features double wishbone independent suspension in all four corners, along with an anti-sway system. This provides excellent stability and handling, making it easy to navigate through rough and uneven terrain.

Furthermore, the UTV comes with various accessories, including a hard top roof, plastic half doors, windshield, winch, side mirrors, and turn signals. These accessories enhance the UTV’s overall functionality and versatility, contributing to customer satisfaction.


Noteworthy performance features of the Axis 700 include its ability to easily tackle steep inclines, mud, and sand, as well as its agility when cornering.

The four-wheel drive system allows for greater control in challenging terrain, while the fully automatic CVT transmission ensures smooth acceleration and effortless shifting.

The HISUN-manufactured 686cc engine delivers a max power output of around 27 horsepower, providing ample power for off-road adventures.

In terms of top speed, the Axis 700 is advertised to reach up to 50 mph, but some owners have reported speeds of up to 60 mph.

This impressive speed, combined with the UTV’s handling in different terrains, makes it a great choice for those seeking a thrilling off-road experience.

Overall, the Axis 700’s combination of power, agility, and speed make it a reliable and enjoyable off-road companion.

Price and Availability

Currently, the 2023 MSRP for the Axis 700 is $10,999, with a discounted price of $9,999 available at Lowe’s, and used models are available for purchase through various online marketplaces for $7,500 to $9,000. The price point for the new model puts it in the lower range of UTV prices, making it a good option for those seeking a utility vehicle at a more affordable cost. However, buyers should keep in mind that the lower price may come with trade-offs in terms of features and quality.

For those who are interested in purchasing a UTV but are looking for alternative options to the Axis 700, there are several models available in the market. Some of the popular alternatives include the Kawasaki Mule series, Yamaha Viking, and Honda Pioneer. These models offer similar features and capabilities as the Axis 700, but may have different price points and additional features that may be appealing to certain buyers. Ultimately, buyers should consider their specific needs and budget when making a decision on which UTV to purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fuel efficiency of the Axis 700 UTV?

The fuel efficiency of the Axis 700 UTV is not explicitly mentioned in the available information. However, fuel efficiency comparison studies show that factors affecting fuel consumption in UTVs include engine size, driving conditions, and load capacity. Further research is required to determine the fuel efficiency of the Axis 700 UTV.

Can the cargo bed be removed or replaced with a different attachment?

The cargo bed versatility of the Axis 700 UTV allows for customization options, but it cannot be easily removed or replaced with a different attachment. This limitation may impact the overall functionality and usefulness of the UTV for some users.

Is there an option for a different color or customization of the Axis 700 UTV?

While the Axis 700 UTV is offered in camo, green, or red, there are currently no customization options or additional color choices available. As a private label UTV sold through Lowe’s, the design is standardized with standard accessories included.

What is the maintenance schedule for the Axis 700 UTV?

Regular check-ups are important for Axis 700 UTV maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Tips for maintaining the UTV include checking fluids, inspecting tires, cleaning air filters, and tightening bolts. A DIY maintenance guide is available.

Are there any recommended accessories or upgrades for the Axis 700 UTV?

To enhance the Axis 700 UTV’s performance, the top accessories include LED light bars, winches, and roof racks. Performance upgrades include aftermarket exhaust systems, air filters, and suspension kits. These additions improve functionality and style for off-road adventures.

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